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Metro My market

2019 - 2020 Promotion Campaigns
Loyalty & Retention
About This Project

Metro C&C marketing team collaborated closely with Improvise Digital Wizards with the objective to develop a game like reward program specially crafted to incentivize all customers but even further the loyal ones.

Dealing with these needs led to the birth of the 1st version of FocusBonus in 2017 and since then it has been developping step by step.

FocusBonus is meticulously shaped to serve anybody who chooses Metro C&C but to farther reward the ones loyal to the brand.

The customer engages by submitting his coupon code. He has the option to participate from the company’s website, mobile application or even by traditional SMS and discover instantly if he is lucky. However being Loyal and consecutive buyer gives him the chance to compete for higher, better, bigger rewards.

Customer needs demand for a never ending  developping gradualy the past years

FocusBonus has increased Metro C&C’s customer spending and simutaneously allowed to further recognize its customers.

Its a work in progress and each year new features are added for the better usage of its purpose – to pump up the users’ enthusiasm!